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Historical Resources Regarding the Confederate States of America

"Regardless of the causes or specifics of why or how the 'Civil War' happened- one thing is sure.  What the war ultimately decided was that the Federal Government is now the only entity that decides the limits of it's own powers.  Our only hope now is that bureaucratic inefficiency will delay the slide towards an absolutist central authority until the American people somehow decide to reclaim their lost spirit of liberty, individuality and self-government.  What it might take for them to awaken and work towards that goal is still a mystery." - Micha Petty, 2007

Milestone Documents

Southern States' Secession Ordinances

Confederate States' Constitution

Jefferson Davis's Inaugural Address

Address Of Congress To The People Of The Confederate States


Fateful Events & Other Noteworthy Items

Robert Toombs' Speech to the Georgia Legislature
Nov. 13, 1860, to the Georgia Legislature

Speech of Alexander H. Stephens
Nov. 14, 1860, to the Georgia Legislature

Declarations of Causes of Seceding States
South Carolina - Mississippi - Georgia - Texas

Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation
of the Causes Which Impelled Them to Unite Their Fortunes
With Those of the Confederate States of America

Articles of Agreement Relating to the Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia  (Appomattox Courthouse)




Reference Items

The Flags of the Confederacy

The Great Seal of the Confederacy

Images of Various Confederate Flags

Listing of  Confederate Officials

Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Emancipation Proclamation

Other Reference Items


Lyrics of the Confederacy

Bonnie Blue Flag
I Am A Rebel Soldier
Ridin' A Raid
Yellow Rose of Texas
I'm A Good Old Rebel

Historical Photographs

President Jefferson Davis
General Robert E. Lee
Gen. Nathaniel Bedford Forrest
General James Longstreet
General A. P. Hill
General Braxton Bragg
Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
General Jeb Stuart


Links to other resources

HUGE Index of Civil War Information available on the Internet


Links to Sites about the Confederacy

Civil War Sites collected by James F. Epperson
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Civil War Chronologies
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Crisis of the Union
The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective, 1860-1865


Various Sites about Southern Heritage

Oral History of the American South
True and Candid Compositions
First-Person Narratives Collection homepage
Library of Southern Literature homepage
The Church in the Southern Black Community
Know Southern History
Documenting the American South

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