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Yellow Rose of Texas

There's a Yellow Rose in Texas, that I am going to see,
No other soldier knows her, no soldier only me;
She cried so when I left her, it like to broke my heart,
And if I ever find her, we never-more will part.

She's the sweetest Rose of color this soldier ever knew,
Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew;
You may talk about your Dearest May, and sing of Rosa Lee,
But the Yellow Rose of Texas beats the belles of Tennessee.

Where the Rio Grande is flowing, and the starry skies are bright,
She walks along the river in the quiet summer night;
She thinks if I remember, when we parted long ago,
I promised to come back again, and not to leave her so.
Repeat Chorus

Oh, my feet are torn and bloody, and my heart is full of woe,
I'm going back to Geor-gee, to find my Uncle Joe;
You may talk about your Beauregard, and sing of Bobby Lee,
But the gallant Hood of Texas, he played hell in Tennessee.
Repeat Chorus


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