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Civil War Potpourri Reference Page

This is a collection of various 'Civil War' related reference materials.  This area is designed mostly as an archive, and, as such, is not as heavily formatted as the rest of the site. You may need to use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.  This material has been mined from other sources on the internet, in an effort to create the largest and most consolidated archive time will allow.  I am indebted to those who have come before me in transferring this material to digital format, and have tried to include links from this site back to the sites where the information was found, whenever possible.  Bibliographical references are included with most works.

General depiction of the Seceding States & Union Control (some specifics are disputed)

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Republican Party Platform

Republican Party Platform of 1856

Platform of the Alabama Democracy
Adopted at Montgomery, January, 1860

Democratic Platform of 1860
(Douglas faction)

Democratic Platform of 1860
(Breckinridge Faction) June, 1860 Richmond, Virginia

Constitutional Union Party Platform of 1860




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