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 Images of Various Confederate Flags

Not in order of adoption or importance

        28th North Carolina Infantry        Co. E, 1st Kentucky Infantry           Co. D, 21st Mississippi Infantry

        9th Arkansas Infantry                            3rd National Flag                                Waul's Texas Legion

              Upson County (Ga.) Guards                  8th Virginia Infantry                           5th Florida Infantry
      4th North Carolina Infantry                        49th Georgia Infantry                           7th Virginia Infantry
         9th Virginia Infantry            Co. C, 10th NC Volunteers (Artillery)                4th Missouri Infantry
            1st Missouri Cavalry             3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry                        15th Arkansas Infantry
18th Alabama Infantry                              22nd Alabama Infantry                        3rd Confederate Infantry
                              1st Tennessee Infantry                                                7th Mississippi Infantry

            6th Kentucky Infantry                            38th Alabama Infantry                        4th Mississippi Infantry
    26th South Carolina Infantry            Shea's Vernon's Texas Battery            1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry

      Co. G, 10th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry




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